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Monitor Backlinks Review: Skyrocket Your SEO with Cutting Edge Backlink Analysis

And then creating content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to their audience. This gives you the chance to try to get those links replaced. Besides that, it would also be nice monitoring backlinks if they pass Pagerank link juice to your site. Hike SEO pricing starts at $59. Getting backlinks will increase your ranking because high authority backlinks let Google see your site as more authoritative. Try Majestic for Free. Google’s search engine is getting more and more sophisticated, so it makes sense that the algorithm has become increasingly difficult to figure out.

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Or you can filter data easily by the tags like active links and broken links. Check if old or newly built links are still alive. As one of the leading backlink analysis tools, the Moz Link explorer tool allows you to see which websites link to your site and it ranks them based on their domain authority. Not only is this a Rank Tracker tool, but it can also be used for Keyword research. Just because a backlink is live, may not mean it’s active track prioritizes the backlinks that are having the biggest impact on your visibility, by seeing when the backlink was first seen and the last time that it was seen. However, the Free Ahrefs Backlink Checker restricts the use of the Filters. All reports are now available in one place. Check which landing pages have more inbound links from authoritative domains and analyze how inbound links have influenced their search traffic. Individual Plan: $12/month billed monthly or $120 lifetime fees.

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This mix of tools truly makes it one of the most well rounded SEO based digital marketing solutions available today. The provided third party metrics can be a great way of analyzing the backlinks and determining the most valuable ones. Majestic SEO is free, but it offers additional information on a paid subscription. Copyright 2023 Powered By: Full Proof Consulting LLC. You can invest in paid services to get backlinks but do it sparingly. Naturally, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, as not every. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hunter also offers a Chrome extension you can use to find email addresses behind the websites you’re browsing. In addition, it is competent in competitor keyword research. With the paid version, you can also access their Bulk Backlink Checker.


For more established businesses a Pro plan will cost about $99. The keyword difficulty tool includes a difficulty score, estimated number of backlinks needed to rank, and SERP analysis for the top 10 results. Surfer SEO might just be the answer. “Everything was really clear and easy. You can choose if you only want to see nofollow links or dofollow and you can even limit the results to show one backlink per domain. HARO Help A Reporter Out is a digital PR software used by digital marketers to communicate with reporters and journalists from high authority websites. “I have used the PPC Keyword Tool to create ads for my clients. Therefore, monitoring your website’s backlinks serves as an efficient method of assessing your strategies and making refinements when needed. Yes, everyone gets the same features, that is, full functionality regardless if you’re on the trial period or the most expensive account. Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. The backlink monitoring module also has a feature that allows you to audit your profile and highlight the links that may have a negative influence on your SEO efforts. It also detects backlinks that haven’t been indexed, which means that a page with inbound links to your site has been removed from Google’s index.

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Overall, there are the following plans. Disavow File Management: With Linkio, you can manage your disavow file, uploading and updating your disavow list to Google. Other than the backlink monitoring tools that exist in large SEO platforms, there are some other tools that are specialized to monitor your backlinks. Ready for your next best revenue channel with Emotive. It gives you the number of links for a site, of course, but also information like the newest links, the page authority, the spam score, and domain authority. It is crucial to consistently review your link profile to ensure its health and effectiveness. OpenLinkProfiler is a great tool that provides up to 200,000 links per report. To monitor them faster. Net helps to automate the check of backlinks to your site and build convenient reports that allow you to reduce the time to work with backlinks, identify bad donors, and build a promotion strategy. No matter the size and scale of your brand, your online presence is everything in the digital age. Janette Novak is a freelance journalist and consultant who specializes in teaching online business and small business marketing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Toxic backlinks can happen organically, or they can be the result of previous less than white hat backlinking efforts. Note: Google also offers other SEO and marketing software like Keyword Planner and Google Trends to explore keyword ideas and build content plans; Looker Studio to graph out website traffic; Google Ads to manage PPC campaigns, and more.

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Backlink monitoring tools can help you with all of that. Most of these tools allow you to track the number and quality of your website’s backlinks. “My favorite feature is the PPC analysis tool. All you have to do is carefully assess the quality of each backlink and identify any links that could harm your SEO efforts. From 30,000 BACKLINKS. Overview of the Seobility cockpit and screenshots of selected website checks. Keyword quality control, domain and URL analysis, competition analysis, keyword clustering, managing missing keywords, API access, and other features are among the features. MailShake offers pre made template responses for link prospecting.

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SE Ranking and Semrush. Using AIOSEO Link Assistant, you can enhance your WordPress site’s internal linking and boost your SEO ranking. The first metric to take into account are referring domains. In the process, you’ll have answers to these quintessential questions. They provide data into all the links that point to your site, and often give insight into your competitors backlinks. More importantly, OpenLinkProfiler can generate several reports. There are links that harm your online presence. Their straightforward Backlinks tool lets you find the pages linking to a specific URL or domain. Viewing all of this information is well and good, but you want a tool that can take action, and identify a crisis before it happens or help you to maintain the upstanding brand image that you currently have. The process of accruing backlinks is entirely passive write good quality content that is reliable and well sourced, and sites will want to backlink to you. The amount of traffic a site receives can also impact the value of your backlink.

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Performing regular inspections on your anchors can ensure that the connecting links remain relevant and of good quality. Use anchor text analysis to detect possible negative SEO attacks on your website. There are a few free options available, such as Small SEO Tools’ Backlink Checker or Google Search Console’s link report. More than the ultimate glossary of SEO terms. In our experience, alerts are the most critical feature of a backlink monitoring tool. By tracking and evaluating backlinks regularly, website owners can ensure that their website is receiving quality backlinks, identify and remove toxic backlinks, and stay competitive in their niche. It also has a feature that will help you understand what links have been found in the past, even if they have been broken or deleted already. On BrightEdge, our backlink solution is a lot more robust than a simple backlink checker. My tool is designed to return the 100 most valuable backlinks for a domain. Thanks to LRT, a clear backlink analysis can be carried out very easily. See How My Agency Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website.

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You can also determine whether the links are Do Follow or No Follow. For deeper backlink analysis, you can even explore the anchor text cloud. It includes additional layers of information like link context, topical links, and filter results by nearby backlinks. Updated On: August 17, 2023. If the number of backlinks, on the contrary, has grown, check the sources and make sure they are high quality. For example, 404 or 503. Request them to remove your link. So if the focus of your SEO is content and keywords, but you want to also dabble in link building, SEMrush might be your best bet. To improve your reporting, you must focus on the results of your backlinks and check what sites apply to your backlinks. To improve your reporting, you must focus on the results of your backlinks and check what sites apply to your backlinks. Powerful, yet easy to use SEO tools.

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This gives you the chance to try to get those links replaced. It generates a better understanding of your website’s capacity to rank higher on Google. Scroll down from there to see an analysis of current results ranking for it and suggestions for similar keywords. Free Social Media Tools. Do you have more links than your competition or does your competition have more links than you. With these tools and my tips, you should already get the gist of why it’s essential to monitor backlinks.


When building backlinks, it is crucial to focus on acquiring high quality dofollow links from reputable websites. SEOJet analyzes your backlink profile and then based on the key phrases you are trying to rank for it looks at the top ten ranked competitors and shows you how you compare to them. The tool can also assist you in determining the total count of outgoing do follow links found on the page. A week is enough for spammy backlinks to overload and hurts your SEO. In a study done by folks at Authority Hacker, Ahrefs traffic estimations were the most accurate and most consistent among all major SEO platforms. Keep an eye on the backlinks of your website with Seobility’s backlink analysis.

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Imagine you have a website selling sport shoes. The tool can help you monitor your keyword rankings and track changes over time to identify keyword opportunities, track your website’s visibility, and avoid cannibalization. Free Business Package. The reports also identify good and bad backlink patterns so you can disavow negative links and submit a report to Google. By identifying and monitoring backlinks, website owners can assess their link building strategies and make informed decisions to attract high quality backlinks. In fact, Majestic is one of the only dedicated backlink checker tools we’ve come across. @ mentioning a page creates something more like a hyperlink.

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With the tool, you can track inbound links, see where competitors get backlinks from, build reports, create files to disavow links in Google Webmaster Tools, and more. Now, it is essential to have quality backlinks. If broken links are found, you can fix them on the spot with the easy inline editing. You can say goodbye to spreadsheet analysis and presentations for your management or clients. Using it, you can check the external backlinks pointing to a specific page or the complete website. The tool also enables you to analyze the regions that provide the most referrals to a page and see helpful visualizations of anchor text data. RankActive is a pretty new tool available on the market that helps you discover backlinks in live mode. Similarly to Sellhack, you’re required to complete a quick sign up to access the tool.

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To determine if your backlinks are bad, you should perform the following steps. Note that if you do not have lxml installed already, you can do that by running pip install lxml. So, it’s not a great option if you’re looking to build backlinks for a B2C website. Some the other top backlink analysis tools are. SpyFu is a competitive intelligence tool focused on competitor keyword data and PPC analysis. With Ahrefs, you can track the quantity and quality of your backlinks, analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles, and identify opportunities to build new backlinks. Unfortunately, most link analysis tools focus on site authority.


Want to skyrocket the popularity of your plugin and reach millions of eager users. All plans offer a 30 day free trial that does not require the use of a credit card when signing up. SEO Backlink Monitor is a WordPress plugin that lets you track your Link Building campaign. What makes this particular tool stand out is that it comes in both a free and paid version. You should also regularly track your backlinks to make sure there are no toxic or irrelevant links pointing to your website. However, if you’ve got a smaller website, you should be able to check all details here including anchors, intersecting, and top pages. You can also use it to see read: spy your competitor’s best links so you can easily replicate/adopt them.

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Majestic Site Explorer helps SEO and digital marketing professionals with Link Audit and Link Building. Best open source option. Hi Chirag, Majestic has something that does analyze topical relevancy. The number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website determine its visibility in search engine results pages. The main goal of this site is to provide high quality WordPress tutorials and other training resources to help people learn WordPress and improve their websites. Monitor Backlinks is powerful backlink tracking software.


The plan can also be customized on the basis of the frequency of checks. When it comes to your broken and undefined links you can see the exact status of the link to determine why it’s being classified as broken or undefined. For anyone still in doubt, they offer a 7 day free trial, which allows you to explore the tool before you make a decision. Having good backlinks is a great way to get a higher rank when it comes to SEO. ” It’s a tool that can be quite beneficial for the management of backlinks. 201227417H 16 Raffles Quay, 33 03 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581. For instance, the platform has a dashboard that lets you keep all backlink data in one place. Privacy PolicyCookie PolicyTerms. Some of them require a plan a step up above the starter plan, but that’s fine; it’s still cheaper at that point than a lot of other tools. It’s a fun tool to play with a solid UI and affordable pricing. For all inbound links, you can check their PA, DA, number of linking domains, spam score, and other details. Lastly, the Backlink Gap helps you find backlink opportunities by comparing up to five domains. For example, to get a higher ranking, you would want a well known platform like Forbes to have a backlink to your website. This is a easy way to understand the sources of your best inbound links, so you can target those partners to refine your link building strategy.

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Get the new Chrome Extension. Make sure you don’t miss this deal. Moz Pro: A similar powerhouse in its own right, Moz Pro comes packed with rich features like the Moz Link Explorer that can easily reverse engineer your competition’s backlinks. On the graph itself you can see 3 colors, dark blue – indexed links, light blue – not indexed and gray – unverified. To delve deeper, you can visit the “Backlinks” tab to open the Backlinks report. Learn how your comment data is processed. Instead of filtering out spam, they decided to base Authority Score partly based on how much search engine traffic a site gets.

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